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Fireside Chat with GenXys:
Improving Treatment Outcomes with Pharmacogenomics

DrugBank CEO, Michael Wilson, sits down with Andrea Paterson, Algorithm Team Manager at GenXys to discuss how her company is revolutionizing the pharmacogenomics industry, using data to develop targeted therapies for personalized medicine, and solving some of the medical industry’s biggest challenges. GenXys uses DrugBank data to help power their solutions, so we will learn more about how GenXys uses this data.

Total Time: 58 Minutes

Andrea Paterson, Algorithm Team Manager at GenXys

Andrea is a practicing clinical pharmacist at an interdisciplinary primary care clinic. She completed her Bachelor of Pharmacy and post-grad Community Pharmacy Residency at UBC, and has specialized training in palliative care and chronic pain management. She also lectures at UBC.

Fireside Chat with Aria Pharmaceuticals:
Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery

DrugBank’s CEO, Michael Wilson, chats with Aaron Daugherty, PhD, VP of Discovery at Aria Pharmaceuticals (formally known as twoXAR), to discuss the cool work Aria Pharmaceuticals is doing in the drug discovery space using artificial intelligence, and how DrugBank’s data helps enhance their abilities to solve major challenges in the drug discovery space.

Total Time: 57 Minutes

Aaron Daugherty, PhD, VP of Discovery at Aria Pharmaceuticals

Aaron Daugherty is the VP of Discovery at Aria Pharmaceuticals. Aaron has helped build Aria Pharmaceuticals’ drug discovery AI and leads the Discovery Science team’s efforts to discover potential treatments across a wide range of diseases. Aaron earned his PhD in Genetics from Stanford University.

Fireside Chat with Thrive Health:
Improving Healthcare Delivery through Patient Involvement

Join us as we chat with Thrive Health about the advances they’re making in improving healthcare delivery using technology. They believe that solving this problem is possible through better patient involvement, empowering them and medical teams with data-driven tools. We will talk trends, future plans, and how they plan to evolve the company.

Total Time: 46 Minutes

David Helliwell, Co-Founder & CEO at Thrive Health

David is a software entrepreneur who has spent his career dedicated to energy efficiency and more recently to improving the delivery of specialist healthcare in Canada. David launched Pulse Energy in 2006, and sold the company in 2014. He co-founded Thrive Health in 2016.

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