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US Drug Labels API
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Promote safe medication use and inform clinical decisions. Provide your users with the right information directly from the manufacturer.

US Drug Labels

Help users make better health decisions

Drug manufacturer labels contain useful but overwhelming amounts of information.

Our Clinical API organizes drug labels into patient-centric and physician-oriented modules. Easily integrate and customize the information within your application.

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Educate users about safe medication usage

Patient Medication Guides inform about drug use, side effects, and when to consult a doctor for patients and non-clinical end users. Access the module for:

  • Patient-centric drug usage and safety information
  • Scenarios in which patients should consult a doctor
  • Better health insights for patient education

drug label module to help patients understand safe medication usage
drug label module to help clinicians better prescribe medications including abuse and overdosage, adverse effects, and indications

Mitigate prescribing errors

The Health Professional Information module improves clinical decisions by highlighting information such as indications, adverse effects, and drug abuse. Access the module for:

  • All versions of drug labels specific to clinicians
  • Organized and accessible manufacturer information
  • Information to prescribe medications safely

Deepen user understanding of US drug products

The Supplementary Label Information module lets users dig into the background of FDA-approved drugs to better understand prescription scenarios. Access the module for:

  • Pharmacology and toxicology sections
  • Drug references for health professionals
  • Detailed manufacturer product information

drug label module to find scientific drug product information including pharmacology, toxicology and references

Grow your product without sacrificing user experience


Our developer-friendly API easily integrates with clinical workflows and enables access to more modules.

User Experience

Our tailored modules allow you to provide labels information specific to user needs, quickly and effortlessly.

and Flexible

Display drug labels in HTML or text. You can customize and style labels to fit your brand.

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