Provide your telehealth patients with the best care and confidence by integrating DrugBank’s clinical drug information API into your software.

Provide Remote Services
with Confidence

DrugBank’s comprehensive drug database integrates easily with your telehealth software, allowing your doctors to prescribe with confidence and care. From our intuitive drug searches to our robust drug-drug interactions, our customers have improved patient outcomes by powering their services with DrugBank’s database.

Product Value

Always Up
To Date

Our data curation team updates the products and ingredients within our databases daily, so you can always feel confident in the data you are using.

Curated Data You
Can Trust

DrugBank data is collected and curated by pharmacists, pharmacologists and medical doctors from various sources including scientific literature, guidelines and drug labels.

Friendly API

Our machine-readable data is easy to integrate into your software with a RESTful JSON API, detailed documentation, and downloads available.

Clinical Decision Support

Use DrugBank’s clinical drug API as a tool for many common use cases in both telemedicine and telehealth. Enter medications accurately, search for information with multiple search tools, and check for alerts, contraindications, side effects and drug-drug interactions.

Updated daily, our database has global coverage on drugs and drug products from regions including the US, Canada, and Europe.

Interaction Checker

Provide your patients with the best care by using our drug-drug interaction checker to cross-check medications and identify potential interactions. A drug interaction can delay, reduce, or enhance the actions of a drug or cause other changes when the drugs are taken together. This can increase or decrease the action of one or all drugs or lead to adverse effects.

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Powerful Drug Search API

Make your search more efficient and get accurate results by using our autocomplete search, search by drug ingredient name or multi-step search. You can also search and access a complete list of drug products available within a jurisdiction.

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Medication Tracking for Patient and Provider

Power your telemedicine EMR with DrugBank’s drug data API to better prescribe the appropriate medication for your patient. Our data allows you to easily search by ingredient, NDC code, brand name, indication, and other product attributes.

With the product concept search, you can customize your search attributes to capture only the ingredients or capture the route, dosage dose form, and more.

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