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Enhance your healthcare software with our evidence-based and structured drug information. Up-to-date and easily integrated, our Clinical API includes a robust drug interaction checker and advanced drug search features.

With extensive cross-mapping capabilities and global coverage, you can unlock the insights you need to empower users to make better health decisions.

Base Module

Drug Search

Required for add-on modules, this base module provides useful ways to search and access the complete list of drug products.

What's Included
Drug Product List & Concepts
Fuzzy & Autocomplete Search
Drug & Therapeutic Categories
ATC Code Cross-Mappings
Simple & Clinical Descriptions

Drug Product List & Concepts

Easily capture, store, & organize drug information at any level of specificity, including route, dosage, & form

Fuzzy & Autocomplete Search

Find & record drug information faster & more accurately by preventing errors in typing

Drug & Therapeutic Categories

Cross-reference data with Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), chemical taxonomy, & Established Pharmacological Class (EPC)

ATC Code Cross-Mappings

Identify other drugs that can be used for a condition by cross-referencing with ATC Codes

Simple & Clinical Descriptions

Provide drug information that healthcare professionals need & that non-clinical users understand

Add-On Modules

Customize your data

In addition to what's included with the base module, you have the ability to choose specific modules to add-on. Choose from:

Adverse Effects

Specific effects, incidence rates & clinical trials info. Can also be linked to identifiers1


An overview and description of cross-sensitivity, list of potential sensitive drugs, & incidence rate

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Contraindications & Blackbox Warnings

Linked to conditions. Related to pregnancy, age, & disease interactions, & drug-drug interactions

Drug Interactions

Severity rating, description of interaction, and management details. Search by: ingredients, products, or product concepts

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Conditions Search

Condition details for drugs including severity, status, and stage of a condition or disease.


Specific conditions, symptoms for the indication, and type of indication. Includes similar drugs search


Mechanism of action, metabolism, absorption, distribution, elimination & pharmacokinetic & pharmacodynamic parameters

US Drug Labels

FDA-approved, manufacturer drug label information. Choose from:

  • Patient Medication Guides
  • Supplementary Label Information
  • Health Professional Information
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1 — Requires add-on functionality
2 — All listed modules are available, however some are still waiting on their additional information pages. In the mean time if you have inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out here.

Module Based


Our base module and two of our add-on modules include ready-to-use plugins. They come with pre-designed interfaces that are easy to integrate and flexible to suit your software needs. Click below to demo.

3 — This plugin is available with the base module.
4 — This plugin is only available with the Drug Interactions module.
5 — This plugin is only available with the Conditions module.

Add-On Functionality

Additional Regions

Expand your drug product lists beyond your chosen region. Add on the following regions, and allow your end user to search across multiple regional product lists.

United States
European Union
6 — All listed regions are available, however some are still waiting on their additional information pages. In the mean time if you have inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out here.

Cross-Mapping Integrations

Our conditions and adverse effects information can easily be linked to multiple identifiers7 to allow for easy connectivity with existing systems. Including:


Offline Use

This add-on functionality enables offline lookup for medications and drugs to allow for recording medication entries without internet access. Offline use includes:

Product & Drug Lists8
7 — Requires external licenses
8 — For chosen regions

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From detailed drug data to comprehensive add-ons, our modules can build powerful clinical applications.

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Module is available, information page is coming soon2
Region is available, information page is coming soon6