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With comprehensive information on drug products and ingredients, pharmacogenomics data, and structured drug-protein interaction data, you can generate detailed, personalized reports faster than ever.

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Information You
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DrugBank data is collected and curated by pharmacists, pharmacologists and medical doctors from various sources including scientific literature, guidelines and drug labels.

Always Up
To Date

Our data curation team updates the products and ingredients within our databases daily, so you can always feel confident in the data you are using.


Our machine-readable data is easy to integrate into your software with a RESTful JSON API, detailed documentation, and downloads available.

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Clinical Decision Support

Our structured data covers all drugs available in the US and Canadian markets, and includes brand names and products, side effects, indications, drug-drug interactions, and detailed descriptions of the mechanisms of action, pharmacology, and toxicology of drugs.

Medication Entry

Build the perfect medication entry interface to enable your users to quickly capture the right level of information during medication entry.

Our data allows your users to easily search by ingredient, NDC code, brand name, indication, and other product attributes. We also provide fuzzy searching and autocomplete searches that are built right into the API, giving you piece of mind that the information shared with your users is accurate.

With the product concept search, you can customize your search attributes to capture only the ingredients or capture the route, dosage dose form, and more.

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Powerful Drug-Drug Interaction Search

The DDI checker will cross-check all medications for a patient and identify any potential drug-drug interactions. Each interaction includes severity, management information, references and evidence level. Interactions can be found with NDC codes, DrugBank IDs, or other identifiers.

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Genetics for Precision Medicine and Oncology

Our drug-protein relationships, PGx datasets and drug indications datasets enable detailed and useful annotations for genetic testing reports.

Our PGx dataset covers all PGx SNPs identified by the FDA as key markers and includes a link with drug ingredients and products. The PGx dataset is linked with protein information including links to external resources such as UniProt. The drug indication dataset includes genetic markers that are required to be tested for certain drugs. The Drug-Protein Relationship dataset is useful for annotating genetic reports with unknown alleles, and cancer mutations to gain insights of the potential effects on treatments.

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