Drug Allergy

Avoid severe drug
allergies with a
single API call

Get comprehensive drug allergy information & flag potential reactions based on known allergies.

Reduce life-threatening allergic
reactions to drugs

Allergic drug reactions account for 5-10% of adverse drug reactions while medication errors increase if drug allergy details are not well documented. The Clinical API Allergy Module provides access to the most comprehensive drug allergy information database in the market.

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Manage drug allergies with confidence

Physicians and care providers rely on detailed drug allergy information for clinical decision support.

Get cross-sensitivities information to identify potential allergic drug reactions based on known allergies.

DrugBank can help with clinical decision support to aid physicians and providers in preventing:

  • Medication errors
  • Adverse drug reactions
  • And overdoses

Deliver the ideal end-user experience

Your clinical software is unique and the information you provide should be tailored to your end-users.

Our Allergy Module includes information at different levels of specificity and technicality. Choose to provide a summary or in-depth details of a drug allergy, as well as descriptions for non-clinical users or health care providers.

Provide tailored knowledge with the right level of information to the right type of user in the right context.

Integrate effortlessly with existing software

A drug knowledge solution should adapt to your product, not the other way around.

Our datasets are well-organized and incredibly structured, allowing your users to search our drug allergy API database in various ways that suit your use-case.

With detailed documentation and an API loved by developers, you can get onboarded rapidly and start providing drug allergy information to your users.

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Learn more about our
Drug Allergy Module

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