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Discover novel drug candidates

Thousands of researchers and companies working to advance drug discovery use DrugBank to identify new drug candidates and drug combinations that could improve health outcomes, cure diseases, prevent adverse effects, or innovate pharmaceuticals. Our customers use DrugBank to discover new drugs for known drug targets, compare drug candidates to existing drug structures, and build datasets of new compounds that interact with specific targets.

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Extensive coverage from early-stage drugs through approval

DrugBank includes summaries for over 3,000 clinical drugs, and 7,500 pre-clinical drugs. Each drug is associated with more than 200 different types of information including detailed pharmacology descriptions, chemical structures, chemical properties, drug-protein relationships, and many clinically relevant datasets including adverse effects, indications, and drug-drug interactions.

Our extensive datasets and coverage support diverse use cases relevant to drug discovery: business intelligence research, comparing potential candidates to existing drugs, identifying potential targets, toxicology modelling, and training machine learning models.

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