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Powered by DrugBank presents Synkwise: A Comprehensive Residential Care Management Tool

Join us for a live demonstration of Synkwise’s residential care management tool and hear how Synkwise is making an impact on the world of residential healthcare.

Synkwise was created for providers, caregivers, and nurses to help manage their residential care business from any device, anywhere, anytime. Claud Covaci and Sergiu Jardan of Synkwise will walk us through their solution and how they utilize DrugBank’s data.

Total Time: About 60 Minutes

Claud Covaci, CEO and Founder

After spending over 15 years in the logistics and residential care industry, Claud’s most recent tenure served as the catalyst to create a solution he believes will bring transformation to an entire industry. Claud is an advocate for his community and is a proud husband and father.


Sergiu Jardan, CTO

With over 10 years of experience in software development with a specialization in web application development, and relational database design and implementation, Sergiu serves as CTO of Synkwise. Sergiu is a football fanatic and a loving husband and father.


Powered by DrugBank presents CSI Dry Eye: Using Data to Better Diagnose and Treat Dry Eye

Join us for a conversation with CSI Dry Eye’s CEO, Dr. Al-Ghoul, and Optometrist, Dr. Marcella LaBelle, who will chat industry trends and give us a live demo of their cloud-based patient management system.

CSI Dry Eye’s focus is on unifying the clinician’s approach to diagnosing and managing dry eye disease. They accomplish that by using their patient management system that allows clinicians to document dry eye findings in a consistent way based on published guidelines. The data inputted is then added to proprietary machine learning algorithms that allow clinicians to better diagnose and treat their dry eye patients. The ability to use evidence-based medicine in combination with machine learning allows them to tackle a multifactorial condition like dry eye disease more effectively.

Total Time: About 60 Minutes

Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghoul, CEO

Dr. Al-Ghoul is the CEO of CSI Dry Eye, a cataract surgeon, and a researcher and teacher through his appointment at the University of Calgary. He is actively involved in research projects in the field of corneal cross-linking, corneal transplantation, and cataract surgery.


Dr. Marcella LaBelle, Optometrist

Dr. Marcella LaBelle is an optometrist who has worked for the better part of 2 decades in collaborative ophthalmology/optometry surgical clinics and has a special focus in Advanced Ocular Surface Disease and Refractive Surgery Co-Management. She works alongside Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghoul.

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