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Drug discovery is difficult and expensive

You can't advance medicine if you're stuck wading through outdated, contradictory data.

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For AI-powered drug discovery & repurposing, our datasets dramatically reduce the time & money it takes to get started, so you can successfully bring a drug or treatment to trial.

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Our drug data is:

  • Structured & machine-learning ready
  • Inclusive of clinical & molecular information
  • Highly connected & links to numerous identifiers
  • Curated by medical & scientific experts
  • Updated daily
  • Inclusive of clinical drug trial & rare disease data

Giving you the power to discover more.

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The unrivalled range and detail of our machine-readable drug data can take you all the way from big idea to clinical trial.

Most requested drug discovery datasets:

Clinical Trials
Search eligibility criteria, and abandoned and upcoming drugs from phase one to post-market.
Rare Diseases
Search structured orphan drug and disease information, and integrate it into existing datasets.
Use on- and off-label indications to group drugs together for grouping techniques in ML.
Use target information to build and validate your predictive models.
Adverse Effects
Use known side effects of existing drugs to build and validate your predictive models.
Protein Relationships
Information about bonding to enzyme and protein reactions helps with building and establishing your ML.

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The future is here, and this time the robots are on our side. Drug discovery is faster, safer, and more exact, all because of AI.

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