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Identify new drug repurposing opportunities

Companies and researchers use DrugBank as a key part of their drug repurposing projects. DrugBank is structured, machine-readable, updated daily, and includes multiple datasets suitable for a variety of repurposing approaches.

Investigate drugs that are related to the treatment of a specific disease group, use a network-based approach to identify repurposing opportunities using approved indications and clinical trial indications, identify repurposing candidates using the off-target protein interactions and side effects, enrich omics and GWAS studies with detailed pathway information, or make use of the detailed structured information to train predictive models.

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Evaluate the safety and effectiveness of drug candidates

Our customers use a number of datasets to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of repurposed drug candidates, saving time and money. Using our adverse effects, drug-drug interactions, and drug metabolism data, customers can quickly identify potential issues and build predictive models that enable advances in drug repurposing.

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