Our Technology

We transform data into knowledge you can actually use

Data alone can't solve problems

Access to the world's biomedical data is critical, yet it remains disorganized, difficult to work with, and getting it to 'usable' can feel impossible.

Knowledge is what you need

  • Our drug knowledge is available in ready-to-use formats That puts data in context and connects the dots
  • So you can quickly derive meaning And uncover new findings
An image of an example drug-drug interaction search
An image of DrugBank's knowledgebase

And it's also our sweet spot

  • Our knowledgebase is rigorously structuredAnd goes way beyond merely organized biomedical data
  • It's full of novel insights and connectionsThat can lead to your next big discovery

We found a way to equip you with the world's biomedical knowledge

Using elevated AI capabilities

And advanced natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) technologies, that seek out relevant evidence and build connections.

And a wildly talented team of experts

Who run our AI's findings through a series of checks and balances to ensure our knowledge is accurate, up-to-date, and meticulously organized.

Our Knowledgebase

Our technology never stops searching the worlds biomedical data and updating our knowledgebase, so you can feel confident in your findings.


We draw from and link our data to all reliable external datasets, such as MedDRa, RxNorm, ontologies, etc.

Linked data flows back into the knowledgebase

AI Powered

Advanced Natural Language Processing and Data Synthesis

Our AI rapidly sorts source materials, builds connections, and structures data. Drawing from resources such as publications, monographs, clinical trials, etc.


Our AI continuously analyzes our knowledge to build new connections and form novel insights.

New connections and insights flow back into the knowledgebase.

Such as
MedDRa &
Connecting &
& insights
Such as
publications &
clinical trials


Our team reviews and veriļ¬es our AI's output.

This ensures only structured and expert-verified knowledge is filtered into the knowledgebase.

An image of DrugBank's knowledgebase

Data Downloads

Machine learning-ready datasets that help researchers, drug developers, and pharma experts get to market faster.

Clinical API

These plug-and-play API modules make it easy for anyone building apps or software to enhance clinical decision support.

DrugBank Online

This free-to-use website equips academics, non-commercial researchers, and the public with reliable drug knowledge.

DrugBank isn't a database

We're the most comprehensive biomedical knowledgebase on the market.