We believe better medicine is possible, and it starts here

Each year millions of scientific journals are published that have the potential to deliver better health outcomes. And every year it gets harder to put it all to use.

So we created DrugBank

While working in Dr. Wishart's lab at the University of Alberta, Craig Knox and Michael Wilson helped create a code-based download of about 4,000 drugs.

As word spread there was a high-quality, machine learning ready dataset available, demand surged. This got them thinking about how great research often doesn't make it beyond campus walls.

With Dr. Wishart's blessing they set out to make scientific findings and data accessible. And today, we're on a mission to augment human intelligence so that everyone has access to the best possible medical outcomes.

Oh, and that game changing 4,000 drug dataset? It's sitting at about 500,000 drugs and drug products and counting.

“Our ultimate vision of the future is to change the way medicine is done”

Mike Wilson, CEO + Co-founder

We're kind of a big deal in pharmaceutical research


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of the top pharma companies rely on DrugBank

We support better research, healthcare, and patient outcomes

Because we believe people are the heart of data. So we take great care to center our work on the human impact we make.

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We use AI and machine learning to seek out the latest biomedical info


Our experts verify everything and author new content


All approved data is organized, connected, and structured


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We've built the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate drug knowledgebase. And we made it easy for you to use.

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Customize the knowledge you need with our powerful datasets

Clinical API

Our plug and play API is here to make the job of great patient care easier than ever.

DrugBank Online

Knowledge is power, and we want it to spread, so we've kept a bit of our data free for everyone.

And the future's looking bright

We know that to change the world of medicine we need to help our customers build better products and do better research.

So we're going to keep accelerating and expanding our core technology and products, and empowering big thinkers.

So let's get to work

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