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The world’s pharmaceutical
knowledge, in one place.

DrugBank is a curated pharmaceutical knowledge base, with products commercially available for precision medicine, telehealth, and drug discovery. We provide important drug information in a structured, unified resource.

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Clinical background

Clinical Drug Data

Record drug information accurately. Find the right information quickly. Get alerts for drug-drug interactions and contraindications instantly.

Our detailed information is curated by our team of pharmacists, pharmacologists and medical doctors, and with daily data updates, you can rest assured that you are always using the latest information.

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Scientific background
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Scientific Drug Data

Comprehensive, structured drug knowledge for data analysis, drug discovery, and AI development.

Our datasets are used by thousands of scientists to discover new drugs, repurpose drugs, and build predictive models. Our integrated and normalized data covers drugs in early stages of research, clinical trials and approval, allowing you to get better answers, faster.

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DrugBank Online

Detailed information about approved drugs, investigational drugs and drug targets for academic researchers, students, and health professionals.

DrugBank Online is a free-to-access website that provides highly detailed information across multiple topics including pharmacology, chemical structures, targets, metabolism, and toxicology. Our integrated data means you can search by text, gene sequence, chemical structure, and more. Download our comprehensive dataset, free for academic and non-commercial researchers.

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Learn about how DrugBank can customize solutions to help your organization. Our team is committed to providing the highest quality data, and always improving our products and services.

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