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Our customers use our datasets and software tools to power their applications. DrugBank connects the dots between many different types of information, enabling major advances in data-driven medicine across the industry.


Identify Repurposing Drug Candidates

Healx is focused on accelerating the development of treatments for rare diseases. DrugBank is one of many data sources they integrate into their internal databases and knowledge graph. They use a wide range of data from DrugBank to train their drug repurposing algorithms, including drug properties, targets, indications, clinical trials and drug-drug interactions.

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Unlock The Power of your Clinical and Molecular Data

Molecular Health is a transformational biomedical intelligence company with the mission of improving human health by liberating the power of clinical and molecular data. Molecular Health relies on DrugBank’s drug structure, classification, synonyms, drug-targets as well as drug-drug interactions.

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COVID-19: Finding the Right Fit

The effects of COVID-19 have reverberated across the globe since late 2019, and have resulted in an influx of new research and data being produced on potential novel candidates to treat the virus. This paper will give an overview of COVID-19, ongoing research, and how data-driven drug repurposing using data from DrugBank is giving life to high-potential investigative treatments for this worldwide outbreak.

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Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery

Aria Pharmaceuticals (formally known as twoXAR) is a drug discovery and development company focused on first-in-class small molecules. The company currently has a development portfolio of over 18 diseases. Aria Pharmaceuticals saves years in drug development while generating a 30x hit rate at in vivo efficacy milestones over traditional methods.

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Improving Treatment Outcomes with Pharmacogenomics

GenXys is a global leader in medication decision support and pharmacogenetic solutions. GenXys’ flagship digital prescribing assistant and medication review tools are used to enable optimized, personalized, and informed prescribing choices.

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Improving Healthcare Delivery through Patient Involvement

Thrive Health was founded to fundamentally improve the delivery of healthcare in Canada and around the world. Thrive Health uses DrugBank’s structured data to power their healthcare platforms, applications, and software tools aimed at improving healthcare delivery by engaging with patients.

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How Synkwise Launched Their Residential Care Software

Synkwise helps residential care providers drive long-term success with their home care software. By integrating DrugBank’s Clinical API, Synkwise has built a reliable care management and medication administration tool that improves patient standard of care. Since launch they have scaled and grown exponentially across the US.

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